Monday, October 26, 2009

Lorcan on library systems environment

Lorcan Dempsey has commented before on library systems environment. Here he updates his earlier comments, links to the recent NISO presentations, and provides incomplete but insightful notes on the presentations.

Recently at Yale, we interviewed three candidates for an E-Collections job. Each of the three gave a talk with the title (more or less) trends in e-collections. Not one of them cited Dempsey. Is that the fault of each speaker or a sign of a larger disconnect within the library profession? The E-Coll. candidates were all thinking (sensibly so) only about licensed (purchased or rented, but licensed just the same) e-resources. Perhaps Lorcan is seen as a cataloging guy or an OCLC guy or a systems guy and not paid attention to by those in related but distinct activities like using an ERM to manage a collection of licensed resources.

Oh, here is the link to the NISO Forum: Library Resource Management Systems

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  1. MMM...I fear that my colleagues would smile - laugh even - to hear me called either a cataloging guy or a systems guy ;-)

    However, there can be no doubt that I am an OCLC guy ....

    Thanks for the nice comments!