Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I've not written here in ages. But today at work we had a great moment: we shipped out our first big collection, the Andrew Smith Gallery archives. It was the first collection we brought into our new space and now it is the first big collection out. 14 pallets of boxes coming in; 12 pallets of boxes, and several other containers going out.

The space, the stuff, and the staff: this is what makes the Beinecke Technical Services operation at 344 Winchester the wonder that it is.

There were 466 boxes on those pallets. The represent a large chunk (the rest went in bins) of the Andrew Smith Gallery records, a collection of business records from an important dealer in photography of the American West. We moved it here from the LSF Processing Space on 14 pallets soon after we moved in, and in the space of two and a half months the accessioning team processed 710 boxes. An impressive feat. It shows what we are able to achieve in our new space.

Below is a photo of the forklift coming into the same hallway as above. Nice to be able to drive the lift between this hallway and the loading dock.
This made moving twelve pallets to the loading dock and onto trucks bound for the Library Shelving Facility much easier. This instead of  pushing freezer carts across the Beinecke Plaza.

I congratulate and celebrate Mike Rush, Tina Evans, Leigh Golden, Jim Fisher, Jenn Garcia, Karen Nangle, and several student workers.

Thank you to all.